Thursday 19 June 2014

Cfbc Boiler, Vertical Boiler, Hot Air Generator

Oil pressure and temperature. Pressure and temperature directly affect the ability of oil to properly atomize and burn completely and efficiently. Changes promote flame failure, fuel-rich combustion, shooting, oil buildup in the furnace, and visible stack emissions. Causes include a dirty strainer, worn pump, faulty relief valve, or movement in linkage or pressure-regulating valve set point. Oil temperature changes typically are caused by a dirty heat exchanger or a misadjusted or defective temperature control. Balkrishna Boilers for Cfbc Boiler,Vertical Boiler, Hot Air Generator.

Gas pressure. Gas pressure is critical to proper burner operation and efficient combustion. Irregular pressure leads to flame failure or high amounts of carbon monoxide. It may even cause over or under firing, affecting the boiler's ability to carry the load. Gas pressure should be constant at steady loads, and should not oscillate during firing rate changes. Balkrishna Boilers for Cfbc Boiler,Vertical Boiler, Hot Air Generator.

Usually, pressure varies between low and high fire. Therefore, readings should be compared to
those taken at equivalent firing rates to determine if adjustments are needed or a problem exists. Gas pressure irregularities are typically caused by fluctuations in supply pressure to the boiler regulator or a dirty or defective boiler gas pressure regulator. Balkrishna Boilers for Cfbc Boiler,Vertical Boiler, Hot Air Generator.

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